Testing a rocket built following instructions in French
Launching rockets in the Elgin Park
Dinner at Le Panaché to honour the winners of a creative
writing contest
Lunch on a patio in the Byward Market
On a field trip to Montreal
Breakfast in Le Village Monkland
Downtown Montreal - wine loosens the tongue!
A stop on Le Belvédère du Mont-Royal
In the Dominican Republic bathed in a sea of French speaking Québécois
Learning a second language has to be a positive experience and trainees are, for the most part, responsible for their own learning. This means they have to participate actively all the time!

BUT, in order to achieve such goal they need to be interested in what they do. This is why
La Dame dragon makes sure they get exposure to the French Canadian culture and
use their knowledge by providing them with fun rewarding activities such as:
  • Hands-on activities they plan themselves from A to Z
  • Field trips and visits (across the River or elsewhere)
  • Oral presentations
  • Contests and games
  • Dinners, lunches, brunches, movies, plays and exhibits
  • And much more…