Lyne des Roberts, FSL Training Consultant
Tired of...

 either conversational courses that leave your employees with words (but no structure) and illiterate in both,
reading and writing?

 Or courses designed to keep them confined in the work jargon and prevent them from communicating
with their colleagues in everyday situations?

 Or complex theoretical grammar notions that they never managed to integrate into their daily interactions?

Then!... try out new "out of the box" teaching and learning approaches with La Dame dragon and
see the difference!

 With 20+ years of experience, she designed a method and a program adapted to our Canadian culture
and reality and she trained successfully hundreds of employees in Montreal and Ottawa.

Among her clients, she counts :

Ernst & Young, Schlesinger Newman Goldman, Monterey Textiles, Sedgwick, Abbott Laboratories,
Rhône-Poulenc Rorer, PSAC (Headquarters, Ottawa Regional Office and Gatineau Regional Office),
CUPW, Agriculture Union, National Health & Welfare Union, Canada Job One, Zebrowski Consulting,
Natural Health Products Directorate/Products and Food Branch, Public Health Agency of Canada,
Union of Veteran Affairs Employees, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada,
Department of National Defence, Environment Canada, Agriculture, Agri-Food Canada,
National Research Council of Canada, Service Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs &
International Trade, Canada Revenue Agency, Public Works and Government Services of
Canada (PWGSC) and more.

 She also acts occasionally as a consultant for language schools, training employees from various
Public Service Departments and Crown Corporations using her own method and program.

And... to answer the most frequently asked question :

Where does the name
La Dame dragon come from?

A. It comes from her students who always referred to her as
The Dragon Lady (in an endearing way)
because of her very high demands, expectations and standards of achievement.