Hourly rates
                Private  sessions                     $50
                Semi-private sessions           $70
                Groups (3-6 participants)       $90


                Individual oral and reading comprehension test (30 minutes)        $25
                Written test (one hour) *                                                                                $50
                Individual comprehensive assessment report                                     $25

* One person or a group

Why is it worth to pay more when there is FSL training available for less in the NCR?


Your CEO and employees' time is valuable and La Dame dragon does understand they are pressured,
    consequently she offers flexible hours to accommodate their schedule.

All training is done on site, in the comfort of your own offices and  boardrooms.

Thorough needs and level assessment is done on site prior to any  training to make sure that groups
    are organized homogeneously.

Groups are closely monitored and re-organized (if there is a need for it) so that nobody feels out of
    place because of a pace that does not  suit them.

She regularly touches base with your HR Department to provide updates  and to discuss any issues
    pertaining to the ongoing training.

Quarterly individual progress evaluation reports are submitted to HR at no extra cost (any request for
    such reports at any other time can be done for $25 each).

All learning materials (except for dictionaries and conjugation books) is provided free of charge.

She is also specialized in training people with learning differences and special needs, so she can
    take them on in one-on-one, semi-private or small group sessions by providing them with a better
    environment to optimize results.

And most important,
La Dame dragon works solo and no one will take  over your employees' training
    at any point in the course of a contract.


                Translation                                                 $0.25 per word
                Editing and Proof reading                     Variable rates*

Work done evenings and weekends, a minimum of 24 hours must be allowed
 for delivery... No rush jobs!

* Rates depend on the difficulty level and the amount of work involved:
   they may vary from $10 to $100 per page.

GST applicable on all rates