With the one week Business Writing refresher workshops coming to an end, I would like to express our great satisfaction regarding this training. Indeed your dynamism as a facilitator combined with your competence in the field contributed to make this training lively and very stimulating.

L. Pellegrini, HR, La Maison Notre-Dame de Laval inc.

 Lyne acted as a teacher and a pedagogical advisor for inmates registered in the college program at the Cowansville penitentiary. The quality or her work shows a sharp sense of responsibilities and details. She also adapted herself easily to this type of clientele and generated her students' motivation towards difficult course subjects. Her qualities as a communicator and facilitator, the interpersonal connection she developed with them show that she has the required qualities to teach and train different types of clientele.

M. Roy, Pedagogical Research & Development, Collège Marie-Victorin

 We had the opportunity to work with Lyne on the preparation and proof reading of a fiscal software user documentation. Due to its large distribution, this software had to be supported by a sound document. Because of her competence and knowledge, she not only fulfilled that mandate but also reshaped the whole text so that this user manual became one of the main keys to our success. I can state that any French documents, thanks to Lyne's work, earn their titres de noblesse and possess a richness of expression that, personally, I did not believe was possible.

M. Saucier, President, PC-IMPÔTS INC.

 The Canadian Association of Correctional Managers has been extremely successful in managing its affairs largely through communications of letters and electronic emailing. Our business takes us from coast to coast where we have many French predominant provinces and regions! Our primary communication is with the Federal Government of Canada in which translated documents are essential.

We have been extremely successful in our organization with the capability to communicate in a timely manner with all levels and departments of government. This is largely credited to both the expedient and professional translated documents prepared by La Dame dragon. We continue to utilize and benefit from the services by La Dame dragon that consistently results in quality work, affordable pricing along with most translations completed ahead of schedule.

Steve Wilcock, Former President of CACM

 What sets La Dame dragon apart from all the others is that she has developed a systematic program including all materials for FSL training and has an educational background to boot. She properly assesses the needs of the student and makes adjustments depending upon her observations of the student's learning. Highly recommended for anyone serious in learning French as a second language.

David K, Ottawa ON

 I have worked with Lyne des Roberts for 8 years and I have seen concrete results, especially in the quality of my written French. Thanks to her, I have been able to work in my second language presenting before administrative tribunals and writing for French-language publications. Lyne's specialized training in teaching French as a second language sets her apart from other teachers and schools. I strongly recommend La Dame dragon to any Anglophone professional who is serious about mastering French for the workplace.

Joseph Zebrowski, Consultant, Zebrowski Consulting

 After meeting Lyne for the first time, I was very content on bettering my French grammar. I had placed myself in group classes and sought to find the right level as I came from a strong knowledge of French. I found myself wanting to step up a level and then step backwards to refresh some rules. It was difficult to do so in a group setting and practically no one on one time with my teacher.

After deciding to take one on one courses I contacted Lyne. Following my evaluation meeting with her I was convinced that she knew my strengths and weaknesses and could help me excel. I am a former ESL teacher and now have high expectations for those who are instructing myself or others. Lyne exceeded those expectations and brought me to where I needed to be. She is devoted, personal, professional and gives you the confidence to use your French in any setting. Her experiences from teaching a wide variety of students is a true asset, it helped determine my needs quickly. I looked forward to every class with her even though there were no corners to hide in. If you are serious about studying French as she is in teaching you, then I highly recommend meeting with her.

David Zito, Public Health Agency of Canada/Agence de la santé publique du Canada

 As a federal public servant I was looking to improve my written French. I had taken immersion throughout my schooling and had lived in Montreal during university so my oral component was not a concern. However, I had not practiced writing in French for several years.
When I met Lyne, I was looking for a refresher. Lyne provided me with detailed exercise booklets that allowed us to work through material at a pace that met my needs. She was able to provide the needed refresher that I required when it came to grammatical and verb-related "rules". We worked together for only a short period of time, yet I was able to move quickly through the material with her help. In the end I succeeded in achieving the required level that I needed in my government testing.

 I would highly recommend Lyne as she is easy to work with, provides excellent resource material, has an educational background that facilitates the learning, and is always ready to take the extra step to help you achieve your desired goal - as long as you are! Thanks Lyne!
Jennifer Murphy, National Joint Council

 Lyne is an energetic, caring and well-prepared French teacher. Our sessions are never dull! She teaches French in a manner that illustrates how it is spoken in everyday life. That said, her love for French ensures her students learn how it should be spoken. I highly recommend Lyne!!!

Stephanie A. Dean, Natural Health Products Directorate/ Health Products and Food Branch