The top five reasons for choosing La Dame dragon to answer your employees' FSL training needs

1.  Unlike her competitors in Ottawa, she has a structured program (easily adaptable to suit your specific needs) and a progressive method (to facilitate and ensure proper notions integration) oriented on training corporate employees

2.  She trains employees to communicate in oral interaction situations and to express themselves in writing : not for the mere purpose of passing tests for ABCE levels (the Public Service of Canada standards). In other words, she teaches a language they will use in real life everyday situations.

3. She emphasizes creativity : no memorisation or ready-to-wear expressions, no "fill in the blanks" or "multiple choices" exercises because she strongly believes in the theory of "Learning has to be a fun adventure".

She provides all learning materials at no extra cost (up to 6 books) as well as any other complementary tools she develops along the way.

5. Her hourly rates are competitive given the state-of-the-art professional services and all the extras she provides.

Serious Training for Serious People

No Frills... Just French!

Because what really matters are the results...