Translation, editing and proof reading

Fields of expertise : press releases, ads, newsletters, brochures,  artistic and cultural events, recreational activities,
small business  websites and updates regarding legal matters (Professional Associations  and Unions)

Looking for...

translated documents that reflect the essence of the message in your original documents?

Translated documents that "speak" to the readers in their mother tongue and grasp the nuances of the language?

Translated documents that support your professional reputation and credibility?


Let La Dame dragon translate and adapt your documents from English to French and experience the difference!
She guarantees you no more literal translation that nobody really understands…

State-of-the-art work done electronically in a timely fashion and at competitive rates.

Among her past and current clients she counts : Canadian Association of Correctional Managers,,
Infield Marketing Group, Morin des Roberts conseillers en relations publiques, ITC, ICI Communications,
Le Musée des Enfants de Laval and more.